December 1, 2009

Go it alone

Here's the (sort of) main character for my post-apocalyptic dinosaur comic...which I've decided to call Dinogeddon. ;)

Veronica "Ronnie" Riot. She's the leader of the main gang that the comic's about, called the T-Riots. I'm working on doing sketches like this of all the other characters and maybe when they're all done I'd like to do like a little character line-up thing. I wanted to draw her t-rex Rexxie too, but I drew like the worst dinosaur ever so that'll have to wait a bit. XD

Sometimes I wish I had a writer or co-writer, or even somebody to just bounce ideas around with...hrmph.


X said...

this is awesome. :) speaking of dinosaurs have you watched mario brothers the movie lately? i just watched that recently, I love how they have the gumbas. was it just me? or was their design in that movie awesome. Like the nazi coats and the little heads!! I dont know i thought all that 80's alternative dinosaur universe was pretty sweet!!...but reminds me nothing of the game... blah i'm getting off on a tangent XD anyway Keep up the dinogeddon!!

Sophie said...

she's great!! i love her tiny little pointless skirt. XD

we were joking around with titles like Dinogeddon for my dinosaur apocalypse idea i told you about before, like Dinopocalypse and Dinocaust and Apocalypsaurus or something, heh. Dinogeddon is definitely awesome, though.

if you ever want to bounce ideas off me, i would love to hear them! :) i could also loan you my girl-raised-by-pack-of-deinonychus idea since i don't know if i'll ever do my dinosaur thing, but somebody has to use that idea!!

Kaylie said...

haha aw, you're awesome Ross! I'd love to pick your brain and hear about your dino-pocalypse story details sometime. Haha I thought I was so cool for coming up with that title on my own, now I feel like a tool! XD But I remember going "I can't believe no one's thought of this before," and doing google searches to make sure it wasn't being used...and re-discovered those dino riders toys and shit I forgot about! XD
But yeah I dunno if you use any instant messengers or anything, but I can send you my info for that crap if you do.