December 31, 2009

And Never Brought to Mind

Here's a couple different costume designs for a character from Dinogeddon who's my favorite to draw right now.

obviously the second one is really sketchy. I mainly did it because I thought it would be cool for her to have maybe a more traditional old-school aviator outfit, but ultimately I think I'll nix it in favor of her original design, since the gang she's in is supposed to be really rag-tag and more road warrior-looking, while their rivals are the ones who dress more like uniforms.

Also got this! :D

 A two-sided superhero/super villain pony! XD I think it premiered at the San Diego comicon? I'm not totally sure about her origins, but I saw her and was in love. I think she's part of a line of high-end artistic ponies, sort of simulating the Pony Project.  I don't have the room to collect as many ponies as I'd like, so I mainly just grab the really unique or ones that strike my fancy, like this one. Oh, I also really want the Junko Mizuno pony! O___O

Oh yeah, and happy new whatever. Good riddance, 2009! Tomorrow I'm whipping up some greens and black-eyed peas, 'cause I need all the luck and moolah I can get!


ヘザー said...

OMG, that My Little Pony is made of awesome and win! also: that character is bad ass!