November 29, 2009

take my hand, Paree

I love the movie "Gay Purr-ee." For those who don't know, it's an animated film written and produced by Chuck Jones (of Looney Toons fame) released by UPA in...1962, I believe? It's sort of a classic romantic comedy musical set in Gay Nineties France, but starring cats. I saw it on tv as a kid and became obsessed with it (it may be what started my France obsession? haha) until I managed to procure it on VHS as a teenager. And now fortunately we live in the future where everything is on the internet. See the whole movie here:

The voice acting is just superb. There's the incomparable Robert Goulet, Red Buttons, and I absolutely adore Paul Frees as the villain. But most of all, there's the wonderful Judy Garland as the lead, Mewsette. The wonderfully written music in this film is made even more unforgettable by her legendary voice.

Even more than the voice acting, I just love Chuck Jones's animation and art direction. He's one of my heroes, and I really consider this one of his masterpieces. It even cost him his contract to Warner Bros., but he still made it. The backgrounds alone are just gorgeous to look at, and resemble the impressionistic painting styles popular when the movie takes place. I love the contrast of the Van Gogh-esque countryside to the cityscape of Paris resembling the work of Lautrec. This one scene alone is enough to make art history buffs cream their pants:

fucking beautiful!

I'd REALLY like to have the LP from the movie. The cover is a sweet piece of design work as well!

November 23, 2009

blue feather

I haven't been drawing much lately because I'm starting to get the it's-getting-dark-at-4-o'clock blahs. Well, that's not the only reason, but it's a factor. Mainly Harvest Moon: Animal Parade has taken over my life, because I have been a complete and total whore follower of the HM franchise since I was twelve.

So naturally, when I'm not playing it, I'm drawing fan art from it. :D

 I love the Witch Princess, she's so effing cute! Plus she's pretty boss for wearing her panties around all the time. :D

Phoebe, the inventor girl who likes to mine. She's actually a bit of a boring character disappointingly, but I mainly just like her design and her outfit.

And my two of my fav dudes from the game, Chase the bitchy waiter with the barettes, and Julius the fashionista. Okay, this one mainly came from me having a hankering to draw porn again lately, ha. I dunno why. I really miss drawing couples, and just people interacting with each other. Maybe it's a sign of my drawings pining for more intimacy, haha! XD

I still need to draw the Wizard because he is effing awesome, and maybe I'll do some pr0nz, I dunno.

This song from my high school days has been stuck in my head really bad lately.  sugar water  plus the video is really cool, I think :D

November 15, 2009


This is my favorite France Gall song, and definitely my fav to dance to. :3

The April March cover is okay, and I love the sweetness of the Julien DorĂ© version, but this is just the ultimate. That peppy organ music! I love it!  I love this video too! I've been practicing the awkward dances the kids do in the video along to this song for quite some time (and have improvised moves from the other silly dances I've observed for the parts where there's no dancing shown). Not that I'm a's just fun! Maybe one day I'll make a rilly embarrassing video of me doing my dance to this song. XD

November 12, 2009

more sketches

November 7, 2009

sketch party!

November 6, 2009

punk girls, lasers and dinosaurs...

Oh yeah, I forgot...I took a break from drawing things I should have been working on and decided to just draw something fun for myself, something full of my favorite things...and this happened.

Strangely enough, everybody seems to like it, and of course it was really fun for me to draw, and my mind kinda ran with long story short, a silly post-apocalyptic, laser-toting, half-naked punk girls riding dinosaurs comic is in the works. ;p