September 27, 2012


thinking about deleting this blog. i dunno.

the idea for this sketch popped into my head mysteriously while i was waiting at a UPS store. i might develope it for a cover, or a poster, or a print or something; i'm not sure what to do with it.

September 12, 2012

date with the night

Dinogeddon page 14 now up at

September 7, 2012

you party?

page 13!

this is one of my favorite pages so far.

i think i'm going to challenge myself by trying to stick to a weekly update schedule. i'm thinking wednesdays. we'll see how that goes; if i can easily do it, maybe i'll work my way up to two pages a week, and so on. still working on side projects and commission stuff. we'll see!

since i live at my desk now, i've spilled honey all over my workspace, and yesterday it was silver nail polish. maybe i really am as messy as everyone says.