November 7, 2009

sketch party!


Sophie said...

i am really excited about your dinosaur thing!!! your piece in the previous post is amazing, i think i already said that on deviantart but here it is again. :)

i had a dream a while ago about a dinosaur apocalypse (in the same way as a zombie apocalypse, etc.) that i was going to turn into a comic, but looks like you beat me to it!! XD

i'll do some fanart of your dinosaur comic once it gets going! super excited.

Kaylie said...

aww, thank you Ross! :) your idea sounds awesome...mine is gonna be sorta similar yeah, but it's gonna be kinda silly and kitschy because I've been working on more serious, drawn-out stories for so long I just kinda wanna do something just for fun.

and aw yay, fan art!! I can't wait!<3

X said...

these are awesome sketches