December 11, 2009

All For Nothing

UUUUGH Another pair of pants bites the dust! :( I need to get skinny thighs if for no other reason than to stop the inevitable destruction of ALL of my favorite pants.

On  a semi-related note, I'm thinking about going back to eating vegetarian. I think I feel better when I do, and it shouldn't be too hard seeing as the only meat I really eat anymore is chicken. And the occasional tuna. Oh god! today at work there was free food in the break room for the holidays or whatever, and they had barbecue, the kind for sandwiches!! The southern girl in me flipped the fuck out. Normally Northerners don't know nothing 'bout no barbecue, but that shit was good!

So that this entry isn't completely worthless, I found this while digging through some old art shit recently:

This is a super-tiny sketch of Gambit I did like almost a year ago, and I didn't finish it 'cause I didn't like it, but I do still kind of like some of the pen work. I kinda miss doing traditional art stuff; I almost never do it anymore except for sketching because my art table broke, but I wanna dabble with it again, just for fun, even if I suck at it.

Oh, and here's a sketch of Nyla I also never finished:

 Changed up her design a bit. I really don't know why I didn't finish this one, heh.


ross said...

yeah! vegetarian! :D

i'm not sure which design came first but i definitely like the more cavegirl-looking Nyla design on your deviantart page. although on this one i like all the crap hanging off her backpack.