December 9, 2009

Art Shooooooow!!!

Look, I know no one probably reads this thing, but I figured I'd give this a shot so that I can say that I did.

My friend Mike is putting on an art show that's a tribute to cult films, and it's the first real showing my art's ever been in. I only have one piece since there's going to be lots of artists and they need to conserve space for everyone. Anyway, here's my piece. I chose Faster Pussycat Kill Kill because at the time I did this I had just seen it, and it really stuck with me and I wanted to do fan art of it. I love the characters, and how crazy the plot gets.

If you're in the Detroit/Royal Oak area, you should come on out and say hi! It's mostly people I'm friends with and they're all really cool. And I guess if you buy art during the show you'll get to see a special midnight screening of City of Lost Children with us, the artists. Here's the info:


0becomingX said...

I TOTALLY READ YOUR BLOG!!! <3 if i lived near you i totally would go. damn minnesota. but i will still wish you grats on the show!
ps. i'm glad you dig the superhero video i think it's very funny too, altho dont you think the flexing in the begining could be good art reference? XD <3 hahaha
keep up the progress!!!

Kaylie said...

aww, thanks Michelle! :3 I wish you could come too, but for your sake I'm glad you're not in Michigan lol it's like the worst place to be right now. Thank you for your support!<3