December 30, 2009

Eating You Up

I realize I've been appearing too much in my own blog lately...but I just got my hair cut and I can't resist! XD

She cut my bangs a little shorter than I'd wanted, but I actually ended up liking them! I have this weird birthmark on my forehead that I'm kind of embarrassed by and grew bangs to hide it in the first place, but it seems nobody else even notices it but me, and anyways fuck it. and she styled it all awesome and gave me this volumized, retro look.

tiger undercut! XD my mom would be so mad at me, hahaha! I also found out I have a freckle on the side of my head I didn't know I had!

I normally kind of hate going to get my hair cut, and put it off for as long as possible. Not because I'm afraid of messing up my hair, but because I hate having to explain to a stranger what I want and then having to make awkward small talk with them while they work on my hair. I hate small talk, especially with people I don't know. But this time the girl was cool! She was super young and laid-back and awesome, I didn't feel that awkward with her at all. Well, one time I did, but it wasn't her fault; she just had to get really close to me and her crotch was rubbing all over my shoulder!

I am drawing things, but not as much as normal because of the fucking holidays and work and family stuff. But here's a sneak preview, or something.


ヘザー said...

I draw pictures for my hair dressers, and I've been seeing the same two people for cut and color for 4 years now, so they're like friends. :D

Short bangs look really cute, and besides: they grow out!