December 12, 2009

Burning Down

Most horrible day ever today. I feel horrible.

I've got to find another job...I can't deal with being verbally abused by customers all the time anymore. Today I almost snapped on this little yuppie girl who was barking at me because I tore the labels on her expensive bottles of gift liquor trying to remove their anti-theft devices. Fuck everybody. Fuck the holidays.

skinny thighs - youtube  O_O did she say "thighs of a four-year-old?"

Disabilities downplayed for 'Britain's Missing Top Model" - article  omg, this rules!!! I wanna see this show!! I'm kinda confused by the partially paralyzed girl. Like, does she only have to use her wheelchair part of the time, or would she just like wheel herself down the catwalk? Because that would be awesome!

Supersize vs Superskinny - youtube  I really don't know how I feel about this show, or if it's anywhere near a good idea....I just can't believe they make them meet each other in their underwear! O_O

Haha butt tassles! XD This girl is my hero!