December 23, 2009


A friend turned me onto Shiina Ringo in high school and I was really big on her, and just recently I remembered her and looked her up. She's still amazing!!! She's so inspiring to me, not only her music, but her visuals in her videos are so fucking cool!

live with Tokyo Jihen - I loooove her stage outfit! XD And I love how elegant and beautiful she is. Plus wtf instrument is she playing?? haha

Some other older videos of hers I like:
"Ringo No Uta" - I really think this one is cool because it shows her evolution as an artist, recreating her album covers and all her different looks from past videos. It really matches the reflective nature of the song well.

"Honnou" - One of my fave songs/videos of hers ever. I love this video so much! haha Of course there's the medical/nurse fetish stuff and girls making out, but I also love that it has that touch of Japanese cheesiness and weirdness XD

 There are other cool videos, like an animated one where she's a retro spy kind of character with a pet robot cat that transforms into a gun (haha!) but I can't find them. :/

I admire her so much; I like that she can seem vulnerable and sweet yet tough and sexy at the same time. It makes me want to work on being a better woman.