December 27, 2009

Take no Prisoners

dinosaur oatmeal is the breakfast of warriors! XD

was going to get my hair cut today, but waited too late. there should really be 24-hour salons. oh well. i got all my dye, anyway.

today's make up:

I tried to mimic a bruise with the colors, because I have this sort of fascination with bruises. the lipstick is my own concoction too, but I kind of hurriedly put it on, so it ended up looking all sloppy.

finally watched KRULL last night. it was all right; i was a little disappointed with how medieval-ly and fantasy-ish it was. i was hoping it would be more cheesy sci-fi. i kind of hate fantasy crap like lord of the rings and like that (except Willow, omg, that movie's awesome!), but it was all right. i was mainly disappointed that the one and only female character in the whole movie is the same old princess in distress stereotype, and that all the characters were so boring and predictable: the prince, the band of thieves, the bumbling sorcerer. it's like, it's a movie set in fucking space! you can do whatever you want!! blah. at least it had a cyclops, and the fire mares were pretty cool. i liked the evil storm trooper guys that shot lasers and turned to squid things.

i have this habit with skittles, and really any kind of candy. i tend to eat them one piece at a time, and suck on them for a while until they get nice and soft, then i finally chew and swallow them. i think i do this with really any kind of pleasure in my life; i try to savor it as long as fucking possible.


ross said...

yeah, Krull kind of sucks. i'm totally with you on fantasy type stuff, everybody is so hung up on the medieval Europe/Lord of the Rings/D&D shit, even though there are tons of other fantasy settings you could do. i'm also with you on Willow!! yeah!! Madmartigan is so cool.

Kaylie said...

haha I think he was my first real, living crush when I was little! XD