December 8, 2009

I Won't Be Defeated

I effed up my wrist pretty bad...feels sort of like a sprain, or pinched nerve or something. Hurts, but at least it's not my drawing hand! ;) I really like the soft, rhythmic, wooshing sounds my dishwasher makes, plus it's warm. It's like a womb or something. I just want to lay my head on it while I draw.

Finally finished this.

It's kind of a re-do of the original piece that started this whole Dinogeddon thing. I know it's not perfect and there's probably tons of anatomical and perspective errors, but I'm just pretty pleased that I imagined something in my mind and it came out almost exactly like I envisioned it. It was also a pretty big learning experience. +25 EXP

For the first time in years it seems like I'm beginning to get my shit together and form a plan. I want to save up and print some mini comics and start going to cons. I was thinking about maybe also printing the above image as mini posters to sell at cons, but we'll see.

I also need to make a logo for Dinogeddon, and I suck at making logos. Blergh.


Luke Maurits said...

You should put this drawing, or one similar to it, on a tshirt!

DiJiT3L said...

hi! i like your art! i'm a random passerby! XD

This reminds me of the show Geeker, did you ever watch it? You might like it ^-^