February 4, 2010

bad moves

well, my computer died. it will be a week or two before i can get a new one. i still have access to the internet, but not really to my files, so nothing from me for a while. bleh. this really adds to the shitty mood i've been in.

i've been watching so many bad movies lately. they live...that was okay, i loved how freaky the skeleton robot alien people looked, and it was a pretty cool, twilight zone-esque idea for a movie, though kinda weird that they managed to stretch it out into a movie. saw it's alive, the original 70's one, followed by a 2008 remake i didn't even know existed. they were both pretty boring, with the remake having ridiculous scenes of the baby eating people like a blender, haha. oh, and in the remake, the demon baby was a result of the mother trying to induce a miscarriage during her pregnancy, and angering god or something. so terrible. i dunno; i guess the original had its creepy parts, i just think the idea of a demonic killer baby is in and of itself so ridiculous that i can't take any film based on it seriously.

also saw quarantine, which i thought was a cool concept that was poorly executed, then found out it was based on a spanish film called [rec] and immediately watched it the same day. i was a little mad that i saw [red] after quarantine, heh. [rec] is so much better!! i think it probably would have been even better if i hadn't known what was coming. if you're into that kinda thing. most people seem to hate the "shakey-cam" type of movies where people are filming weird shit happening to them, but i totally love it usually, haha. i still love blair witch and paranormal activity. but i'm not really scared by monsters and gore and serial killers and shit like that. maybe zombies, sometimes. but mostly i'm scared by ghosts, and weird, omnipresent but unseen supernatural shit. so scarey.

i still hate my job.


Sophie said...

man, we're totally opposite on this one! They Live is so great, i love the fight scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David that NEVER ENDS! haha.

and can't believe you didn't like It's Alive!!!!! >:( one of my favorite movies and my favorite movie monster! scared the absolute shit out of me when i was a kid and it's still the only the monster that unsettles me. that scene in the school!!! omg.

it's so refreshing, too, because it focuses so much on the parents and what it does to them rather than pointless killing, they just don't make monster movies like that. you might like the sequel, it's more political and really ramps up the social commentary of the first one and kind of casts the babies not as villains so much. still has that low budget indie guerilla-filmmaking 70s feel, though, don't know if that was part of what you didn't like. i don't think a killer baby is that crazy, so many animal species have young that are born and good to go, ready to kill, immediately at birth. what if there was a human baby with that power? what would it do? take a baby's emotions and tantrums and hunger and then give it the strength and faculty to do something about it. XD

i guess i'm a sucker for that kind of "horror within" stuff, and i like all the sociopolitical stuff about parental paranoia of the 70s. i guess none of that changes that you found the movie boring, though, heh. what can you do. does my author photo in the back of Wet Moon volume 1 make sense now? XD

i thought both Quarantine and REC were pretty bad, except for the very end of REC with the creepy girl!!! they totally ruined that in Quarantine.

Kaylie said...

haha yeah actually when i saw it's alive on my streaming netflix i thought of you, haha. when i say "bad" it doesn't really mean i think it's bad or that i don't like it; i dunno. it just means i purposely watched something thinking it was going to be bad, but it could go either way, haha. i dunno, it's alive definitely wasn't bad; i totally loved the gritty, 70's-style of it, and there were definitely unsettling parts, but i dunno. and i actually did feel emotional at the end with the dad and the baby and stuff; the ending was so great. i just felt like the stuff with the parents was dragged out for so long, and i just didn't really like either of their characters, heh. but yeah, killer babies is still kinda silly to me, sorry. XD

omg, the ending of [rec] with the scary girl...! that was the best part! i hate how they changed it to some bio terrorist guy in the other movie, bleh.

hahahaha omigod, i forgot about the fight scene! yes!! that was my favorite! keith david was so awesome in that movie!<3

Sophie said...

i hope you'll give my It's Alive fan comic a shot! ;)

Sophie said...

oh yeah, i was just thinking what it is about the mutant babies that unsettles me so much, and it's kind of like i already am uneasy about babies, like how they're all blobby and oozing fluids and they're noisy and they grow inside and come out of women and they're so alien, you can't imagine what's going on inside a baby's head, yet they're still human, etc. and then taking all that and combining it with allowing the baby to GET you and attack you is a NIGHTMARE!!!! haha. XD

but, okay, yeah, i can see how you could find it silly. just the phrase "killer mutant baby" is silly all by itself, heh. tough to buy into, although the first movie was a huge hit at the time.

Sophie said...


Kaylie said...

ahahahahahaha! okay, i love the it's alive baby now! XD

i can see where you're coming from on how babies are kind of inherently mysterious and troubling and gross. i just can't get over in my mind how easily killed they are too...heck, they can even die from sleeping the wrong way, or something. but maybe that's my shortcoming, and i'd totally be killed by a mutant it's alive baby, because i underestimated them! XD

you did an it's alive fan comic?? i insist on reading this.

Sophie said...

the it's alive babies are super tough, though! no sudden infant death syndrome for them! XD. i think another thing you have to buy into is that the mutant babies basically have superpowers, super-strength, telepathy, etc. except instead of having some event that affords them powers later in life like Spider-Man, they're BORN with the powers and predator instinct. if you can buy into adults or teens having superpowers, then what about babies born with them? ;)

haha, no, i didn't do an It's Alive comic but i've thought about it over the years. i've actually thought about trying to contact the director, Larry Cohen, and seeing what i'd have to do to get permission to do an official It's Alive comic for a publisher. so many ideas to be mined with this stuff!

you should check out the other 2 movies, It Lives Again and Island Of The Alive, and then if you don't like those either i'll stop harassing you. you might like Island Of The Alive because it's goofy and silly on purpose, more comedic 80s horror comedy stuff (with some serious issues thrown in and some AIDS commentary, of course, hehheh).

Kaylie said...

hmm. yeah, actually, that's a good point...if you can take mutant adults with superpowers seriously, why not a baby? it's like it's just born rarin' to go with it's powers instead of discovering them with the onset of puberty, like the x-men trope. dammit, ross!! you're making me rethink my feelings on mutant killer babies! XD ahahaha

dude, you should totally look into that. i can't think of anyone more perfect to draw an it's alive comic, haha!

after the end of the first one, it did make me want to see the sequel. it makes me mad i'll have to wait for it in the mail since it isn't on streaming netflix though. and i had no idea there was a third one?! sounds awesome though hehe.

Sophie said...

on the dvd i have the two other movies are on the same disc, so maybe netflix has that one and you'll get 2 movies in one! :)