January 30, 2010

this french safe sex ad is probably the best thing i've seen in a while: AIDES 2006 AIDS awareness ad - YouTube

i love that it's a really excellent short film on top of creating awareness. the straight version is good too, but predictably boring, heh.

i am drawing despite not really being in the mood to, but i think i'm powering through my blahs. the last couple of days i've been mainly focusing on my diet and vamping up my exercise routine. been working out a LOT...for me, and i feel great. trying out all kinds of new shit like an exercise ball and pilates, and doing more reps with my weights. i thought maybe i needed to get heavier weights since the ones i have have gotten pretty easy, but i guess it's not really about the weight, but how many reps you do. i used to feel bad about being a bigger girl, and that i was never going to be a delicate-framed, petite and lovely girl like most other girls seem to be. but i think seeing how strong i'm getting is helping me power through that. i'll always be big, but i'm fucking strong. fuck being bat girl, fuck being super girl, fuck being kitty pryde. i'm a fucking power girl, a fucking cheetarah, a fucking she hulk!

anyways...i don't have a lot to show for myself, just a bunch of in-the-works type stuff, so here's some old sketches i never posted anywhere; Posie and Erazulie from My Darling Zombie, and the random frohawk girl.