January 14, 2010


I'm so obsessed with ponies right now, more than normal. I think it started because people have been asking me what I want to do for my birthday coming up, and I was trying to decide whether I wanted a dinosaur cake/dinosaur-themed party, or a my little pony cake/ themed party. (yes, i am very immature and still like to have themed birthday parties sometimes!) i did some research online, and found some really fucking awesome dinosaur cakes that seemed easy enough to make, for some reason the my little pony birthday cakes were really compelling to me. I guess because they seem more difficult, and also of course because they're probably my most beloved childhood toy. So...I'm thinking I would like to try building my own MLP birthday cake. I know it'll probably come out a disaster, but I just can't resist the challenge. And store-bought cakes are nasty.>:P

I also got a few new Gen1 ponies, and have been checking out pony lists online to find out when they were released and what their names are, and as a result I've spent several hours looking for ponies I remember having XD And some I wish I'd had.

I also had vague memories of these plastic horses that were more realistic like Breyer horses from the 80's, but they were crazy neon colors and came with clothes you could put them in, and through lots and lots of digging (apparently very few people remember them, haha), I found out they were Fashion Star Fillies!

I have a distinct memory of these things because when I was about five I think, I had my first ballet recital, and at the end all the parents came backstage, and my parents had gotten me one of these horsies as a gift. :) It was this orange one:

I'm not sure what made me want the orange one, since for some reason growing up I was utterly obsessive about the color purple. But later I did get a purple one - with a princess cape and crown! XD

I just find these so interesting because they're so strange. Like, anthropomorphized animals, but they still retain most of their realistic animal qualities to make it seem really strange. There were some really great, crazy gorgeous ones I kick myself now for not getting.

XD so eighties!

I really want this one with the tiger stripes! O_O

and this one with all the crazy colors and the cheetah spots! O3O

Also, this is my FAVE song to dance to in "Just Dance" for the Wii right now: Acceptable in the 80s - YouTube XD


0becomingX said...
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0becomingX said...

LOL i think you caught pony-idious from me. I am very contagious. hahaha . I love Fashion Star Fillies, they are so elegant. I actually have Calla, http://www.fashionstarfillies.com/originals/calla.htm
altho :/ mine doesn’t look as nice as the picture anymore because she has been very loved over the years.
FYI, if you like Fashion Star fillies you'll like Fantasy Fillies. The same designer who did Fashion Star Fillies released a line of toys called Fantasy Fillies produced by Empire/Marchon in the early nineties. http://www.fantasyfillies.com/index.htm check them out, they are wonderful. :) I’m lucky enough to own some of these too!!!!! yay pony

(sorry messed up on the first post)

Kaylie said...

hahaha yes! i'm sure you're partly to blame for the pony-itis! your pony porn comic has me so excited!! XD

omg, i remember fantasy fillies, and i can't believe i never had one. T_T they are so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

go die you copycat bitch. get your own fucking life, style, and interests.