January 25, 2010


Fuss. trying to get the hang of drawing these characters, maybe change them up a little bit. looking at my last drawings all lined up, i realized somewhere along the line i veered off into "huge thigh/hugh hips" territory, haha. gotta work on myself.


Sophie said...

i hope i didn't make you feel bad with my comment on your line-up post, about the hips/thighs thing!! i think it's something to think about but i don't think it's BAD or that it MUST be changed or anything. it's obviously part of your distinctive style so it works. i think there are certain traits that most of my female characters have, too. although to be fair i'm always trying to go against that myself, too, hehheh. i think whatever you do will be great.

Kaylie said...

ah, no! you didn't offend me!! hehe it was something i noticed myself, and while i generally tend to draw hippy girls, i really want to try making a somewhat more realistic variety of body types for this comic, since the cast is almost all girls. and you know, challenging yourself and all that. and thanks!!! :)