January 23, 2010


omg, finally done with my first cast line up. did this take me long enough or what??

The main girl gang, the T-Wrecks! (yes I changed the name, haha)
From L to R:
Ronnie Riot, née Veronica Torres
Jett, née Lilac Stream
Lupe, née Guadalupe Peligro
Fuss, née Constance Audley
Shock, née Shakti  Delhi
and I haven't named the last girl at all. :( I came up with a few names, but none of them really seem to fit her. hmmmmm. So if there are any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them! Actually, I'm happy to hear any suggestions regarding the characters' designs. I'm pretty happy with them, but I'm sure I'll be tweaking them over time. I know they don't really fit together all nicely because i drew them at pretty different times and using different methods...but hopefully you get the idea.

Now only two more gangs to go....sigh.


Sophie said...

they're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O

Sophie said...

oh wait, you're asking for suggestions or whatever, hmm...

i don't know, i think they all look pretty stellar. i might vary their body types a bit more, they're pretty different but half of them have the same kind of waist/thigh ratio. not that it's bad, it's your style and definitely distinct. i like they're all different heights, too.

i think if i was given free rein to come in and mess with your characters, i'd lose Ronnie's fishnet shirt and maaaaaybe Jett's frayed fabric-strips top.. not because they look bad or aren't realistic, people wear that stuff, but because with your stylized designs they seem too busy to me. i feel like all the little lines and segments clutter an otherwise really clean and clear design.