January 5, 2010

Nowhere to Hide

woke up before sunrise this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so i got up to finish this.

I need a laptop so I can draw in bed, heh.

I tried to really push myself to finish this yesterday, but i wussed out. I really need to draw better and faster. Nothing's going to hold me back except my own laziness. really gotta start pushing it to the limit.

Coming close to finishing my cast lineups, i can almost taste it, mmmm....

Oh, I forgot to mention, but finally watched the new Star Trek movie the other night. I'm not even all that into Star Trek and I'm sure some of the stuff went over my head, but man, it was really fucking cool. And I was so psyched Leonard Nimoy was in it!! XD I have such a big, weird crush on him, haha. Young Spock was pretty hot, and i love how big of a dick Kirk was. actually, my favorite characters were probably the more minor ones, like scotty and bones. i can't help it; i love characters that take everything in stride and remain optimistic (like scotty) and also the surly, cynical, but always-comes-through-for-you characters, a la bones. oh, and how cute was Chekov?? And I loved that they let sulu be awesome! and the romulans were sweet too.

pretty much the only thing i wasn't happy with was the stupid, pointless romance between uhura and spock. seriously, wtf?? do writers and directors know how to fit a female main character into a movie without having to make her swooning over one of the other characters? every other character had some cool scene or multiple scenes showcasing their talents and how badass they are, whereas uhura just gets crappy, dewy-eyed romance scenes, and one where she's like "i can hear really, really good!" and their attraction to one another is never really explained in any satisfactory fashion; it's just like boom! THEY'RE IN LOVE! deal with it! bleh. the only way it could be worse is if it did the typical movie thing where it's like "oh, these two hate each other, but wait! through a series of whacky events they realize they dislike each other because they're so similar and now they're in love!" although i guess the kirk/spock dynamic fulfilled that type of relationship, haha.

Sometimes I wonder if something's wrong with me because i hate romance in movies so much. all other girls i've ever seen don't seem to mind it, and some even eat it up. it's not that i hate all romance; i appreciate it if it has something to do with the plot, or if it adds something meaningful to a character. but other than that, i feel like the majority of it is just a bunch of hollywood garbage they just throw into movies because it's part of the formula or something, like throwing in totally pointless, annoying sidekicks. and sometimes it personally offends me as a woman when they throw a crappy romance into a typically male-oriented type of movie, like an action movie or something, like "here you go girls! something for your little minds to focus on while the men watch those boring explosions and fight sequences!" and the female that is the focus of said romance is always ripped straight out of male fantasy, anyway; the scantily-clad, super model-looking young girl who looks like a "bad girl," but deep down is a soft and shy "girl next door" who is unaware of her beauty and sexuality, so therefore the dorky lead (and vicariously all the guys in the audience) have a chance with her.

blah, anyway, sorry, didn't mean to go off on a big rant. but yeah. overall, star trek = movie i like. oh god, and last night the "trouble with tribbles" episode was on tv!! XD