January 24, 2010

allergic to myself

sex...oh yes.

i'm thinking now it will probably be necessary to have some smuttiness going on in dinogeddon to flesh out the characters more, forget what i want haha. for instance, i see ronnie as being incredibly flippant when it comes to sex; i see her viewing it as an itch to be scratched and little more than that. i also see her as ridiculously dominate and stubborn, wanting everything on HER terms, so this has led me to thinking of some pretty funny sex scenes involving ronnie frightening unsuspecting horny guys she manages to lure over, whereas other guys that know the score stay well away from her, hahaha. i'm also interested in exploring sex in a dinosaur-infested, post-apocalyptic world....although throughout history, has it ever really been that different?

and i need to draw the guy gang because i really want to draw some boy sex in there too haha. i'm probably going to alienate absolutely everyone with this comic, except perverts like me XD