February 25, 2010

writing on the wall

Ryan Kelly's character Twisterella from his Funrama comic. hopefully he doesn't hate it, haha.

i kinda miss drawing Miss Bunbun. kinda playing around with the designs and making it more stylized.

i so want this as a poster!!

excited about bringing home new kitty tonight. her foster parents have this crazy huge, nice house, so i hope she'll be happy with me in my little shanty haha.

why do i not own a single jaws movie on dvd?? this is a complete and utter travesty.  might have them on vhs, hmmm. i want nothing more right now than to watch the crazy mayor of Amity Island. "Amity means frienship!"


Sophie said...

wish i had that Gamera pic as a poster, too. i like how they have a cutaway for his ankle bones, like they thought you'd most definitely want to see Gamera's ankle joint! XD

hope the new kitty works out. :)

if you own any Jaws movie on dvd you gotta get Jaws 4. i'm about to watch Jaws right now!!!!

Kaylie said...

haha i wanna know wtf gamera's supposed to be holding?? XD

:( jealous.

Eve Noir said...

I love Miss Bunbun. She's too cute & cool. Oh, do you want to swap any ATC's? Wasn't sure if you still had any. I've been makin' em like mad lately. I would LOVE to have a piece of your art in my collection...and a lil' ATC is a good start. Lemme know. By email (ghostgirl6@gmail.com) or FaceBook.

Take care and yayyyyy for the new kitty!