February 17, 2010


i just want to thank everyone for the tremendous outpouring of kindness and love and commissions i've received since i told you guys about my poor sick kitty salem. i feel so overjoyed about that, and want you all to know how much i appreciate it.

unfortunately i have some terrible news i hoped i wouldn't have to deliver. but salem's gone. when i got home from work this evening, i got a call from the vet saying she'd taken another turn for the worse. they gave her x-rays and found that on top of her pancreas problems, she either had fluid or tumors around her heart and lungs. basically there was little to be done to help her, and even then there was a very slim chance she would survive and be completely healthy again. so i opted to end her suffering. i never gave up on her. i can't imagine having a better kitty in my life, and i'm grateful for that.

that being said, i didn't think it would be right having everyone make their kind donations to my "save salem" fund to help her when she's no longer with us. so if anyone wants to withdraw their commissions/donations, i understand and hold no bad feelings. if anyone does wish to still commission me or make a donation, it will be put toward the massive hospital bills accrued trying to save salem.

i know this is the worst possible outcome, but at least my sweet little dopey kitty is no longer suffering. again i can't thank you all enough for your kindness and support, especially my friend ross. thank you everyone.


Sophie said...

sent you an email.