July 1, 2010

wish i could buy a new soul

new earrings :3 they're leopards. i love them. i can't believe they were selling something this badass at my work.

correcting...fixing...implies something was broken....

staring into the void
...now for a quick run to clear my mind.


ross said...

those leopard earrings are cool.

aAaggghh that EYE ONE! THANKS, kaylie! *puts kaylie's blog on filter*

i don't get the butt one, i don't see any difference between the before/after.

Kaylie said...

hahaha XD i'm kind of surprised that got to you! it's just a fucked-up lens. to me it looks really cool, like the eye is seeing something mystical that normally it would never see!

the butt thing, it's like before there was a more rubenesque shape, where she had meaty semicircles above her hips, but they're gone in the after. she may have also had her saddle bags reduced too.