July 29, 2010

take me higher

 actress Sophia Bush boycotts Urban Outfitters for their "Eat Less" t-shirt. 
wtf, i can't believe people thought this was a-okay, especially a clothing distributor aimed mostly at young girls. what a bunch of assfaces. i have no idea who this actress is, but she is awesome for this.

new tablet is bugging me. arrrrgh. so i'm just doing sketchy shit right now.
here's a super deformed, cartoony Ronnie sketch inspired by Shane Glines.

that is a 100% accurate depiction of a fight scene in Ultra Man, no lie! but i'm loving it so far despite the 70's Japanese man ass and balls in tight rubber being all up in my face (or maybe because of? hmmm). just got done with an ep about a green, locust-y alien with claw hands that freezes people and turns them green because it can move faster than humans can perceive time (?) or something. good stuff.


Nick Marino said...

love the sketch! that's about as advanced as my art ever gets, so it's perfect to me