July 12, 2010


-----------------NSFW content ahoy (sorry, Nick)--------------------------

things didn't work out with smart, funny, amazingly beautiful cosmetologist. just as i was beginning to think we should hang out, she deleted her dating site profile before i could get any of her contact info. c'est la vie.

i'm kind of engaging in a little experiment/dare with myself to see how fucking disgustingly dirty i'll let the bathroom sink get before i clean it.


ross said...

there was a cosmetologist?! what?? where???

Nick Marino said...

look, i like the post. i mean, it's pretty hot. naked chicks = awesome in my book. i just didn't expect it!!!

Kaylie said...

haha, i get what you're saying ;) i was thinking it was a little too BAM! HERE'S VAGINAS but i guess i was feeling punk that day and was like "yeah, i'll be all in everybody's face with VAGINAS." but now i like this warning idea, because it's a nice precaution for everybody without me having to have that stupid THIS BLOG CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT BLAHBLAHBLAH page before anyone can get to my blog.