July 31, 2010


YouTube: Sakura trailer

i really want to see this movie.Shiina Ringo does the soundtrack!

"Tayuu were highly trained and educated performers skilled in such arts as music, dance, poetry, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement. Because there were very few, access to them was very difficult. Tayuu could also reject men, who could see them only by special appointment."

my mom sent me some old crap from my childhood randomly. i'm not really sure why she sent it to me and why she didn't want to hold onto it. but! she sent me some chewed up, old, dirty ponies i used to play in the dirt with on my grandparents' farm. my mom's awesome because she saved them for me when my dad said to throw them away. XD

 i really like the pink, blonde-haired pony with balloons all over her. she's like a party girl pony! the weird little aardvark-lookin' dude, i don't really remember him at all, but he's Stardust from the Moon Dreamers.


mark slater said...

hey kaylie!
thanks for stoppin' by - glad you dig the mixtape cards. :D
your artwork is awesome - are you going to any conventions this year?