July 23, 2010

Sugar Ninjas!

Sugar Ninjas, the anthology put together by Bob Pendarvis featuring all-female comic creators including yours truly in her published debut, is finally out! my comic, "The Adventures of Space Cat," is in the "Spicy" book (which is kind of odd, since i think it's the most family-friendly thing i've probably ever done...but i think it was more of a space issue than exact classification). both books look great, though. i'm really impressed by the quality of the artists i'm amongst! it kinda makes me feel bad about my comic, heh. but anyway. yeah, you should buy it!!


Nick Marino said...

AWESOME! just ordered a copy. i should have it in a couple weeks, i guess. the price is really good!!! first time i ever bought anything from Lulu.

Kaylie said...

yaaaay! thanks, Nick! :D

X said...

hey got caught up and great dino art, can't wait to see more.