July 7, 2010

too chi, chi

went to Chicago for the first time. saw dinosaur skeletons for the first time. saw mummies for the first time. so many firsts! it was brief, but great. don't think i can handle a big city life, though. here's a bunch of boring pictures and stuff.

goats. i dunno.
t-rex arms are so. small.
wtf was up with this shark??? nature is insane.

my creepy silhouette with some "man-eating" lions.

prehistoric shizz
 another bad-ass extinction victim  i'm fond of
true dat, Darwin. Darwin is my homeboy.
my first mummy!
me and Lyuba

hot as balls, but pretty.
i could look at jellyfish all day<3
omg, seahorses! i love them!
cutest sign ever?
TYPICAL TOURISTY SHOT. ugh. from certain angles i look like a man in drag. and not in an attractive way.

most of the aquarium action is on video.
other stuff happened, but i wasn't quite as video/picture-happy as i usually am on trips. Chicago seems like a really amazing city and i'd love to go back there sometime and see it up close and explore it more.


ross said...

t. rex: totally a huge mouth.

holy crap, that crazy spiky shark!!! so weird...

Kaylie is promptly escorted off museum premises after being caught touching the t. rex arm.

Anonymous said...

I've been there! The dinosaurs were my favorite(:

Kaylie said...

Ross: i'm telling you, its mouth was way small. or maybe i was looking at a small/young specimen's skull. whatever. it totally would've still killed me horribly.

haha touching was totally allowed! i was impressed by how much shit you were allowed to touch!

Shay: yeah, the dinosaurs were the best!! i think i was more excited than the throngs of kids there XD