May 2, 2010

where to go from here?

i came to an epiphany at some point in the past couple days that the main recurring theme in my life that i keep running into is the feeling of inadequacy.

yesterday's make up.

 watched Some Like it Hot tonight. i liked that Jack Lemmon was happy as a woman impersonator and wanted to marry a man, even if for superficial reasons, until Tony Curtis had to rain on his parade with all his straight white male propaganda. I have to admit though, I kept silently admiring the filmmakers' gigantic balls for making what was most assuredly a very controversial gender-bending and Marilyn Monroe boob-ogling comedy at the time. Marilyn's wardrobe (and body) was distractingly hot. as was her kiss with Tony Curtis in drag.

posting this mainly as a note to myself, but also because it is awesome:
TCM: Race in Hollywood: Native American Images on Film


ross said...

is that native american images on film thing something on TV or is it an online feature?? i can't figure it out...

Kaylie said...

it's a tv thing, it's going to air on Turner Classic Movies; the online thing is just the schedule.

ross said...

d'oh, that's what i thought. i was hoping it was online so i could watch it. :(