May 26, 2010

nannaba nannaba nannaba

i was a guest on a Podcast with Ross and Nick's 50th podcast! i sound awful and didn't really have anything interesting to say, but it was fun.

last saturday went to a screening of a 35 mm version of Hausu (psst, you can watch it here for free) with Mike, Rob and Amy. the theatre was SO WEIRD, it was like this old abandoned school that was renovated to somewhat accommodate theaters, but you could still tell it used to be a school, and the whole thing was operated and attended solely by the absolute worst variety of snobby art school fashion victim hipster kids. but it was a really cool experience. i really enjoyed seeing the move on the big screen, and it really allowed me to notice things i hadn't before. it made me realize this movie had gone from just some curiosity of its weird themes and uses of horror and animation to genuinely wiggling its way into my heart as a lovable, bad movie.

my friend Mike who is a film geek also brought up an interesting point afterward that i hadn't thought of: that in western movies humor is used as this stress-relieving element to diffuse scary situations and to put the audience at ease before setting up the next big scare, but at least in Hausu, it seems like maybe they did something similar, but using absurdity instead of traditional humor. it could also have to do with various cultural aspects that we just don't get, but i think that's a pretty interesting idea.

oh, and this has been a big week for me because as of monday, i finally ran 5 miles in 30 minutes!!! :)  actually, 5.357 miles ;) and tuesday i did over 5 again, 5.2 something, without really trying. i feel pretty accomplished.

my parents and brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit this weekend. both excited and nervous about that.


ross said...

dang, you're doing a less-than-5-minute mile! i remember there'd only be like 1 or 2 kids who could do that in gym class. XD