May 7, 2010


so tired. work keeps getting harder and i can't seem to sleep these days.

being delirious doesn't seem to be as much fun as it used to be.

watching lots of old movies. reading lots of random stuff.

i guess April was sexual assault awareness month, and it totally got by me. so as a late offering, i present this very eye-opening essay. i love the idea/term of "not-rape" presented by the author, and the call to bring attention to more ambiguous forms of sexual assault that are not rape, but also devastating.
An Essay on the Not-Rape Epidemic

as someone who is simply fascinated by sexuality in its myriad of forms (or even its nonexistence), i just found this really interesting, and perhaps even insightful as to how many thoughts/emotions other than just plain ol' sexual desire factor into the decision for a person - sexual or not - to have, or not have, sex.
Reasons other than Sexual Attraction that People Have Sex

growing up well-tightened beneath the Bible Belt, i read the Bible pretty extensively as a teenager and young adult; mainly because for one, i thought it was interesting in the ways i find all religious and folklore mythologies interesting, but also in order to shield myself from the inevitable barrage of misquoted Bible verses and misinterpreted teachings wielded against me like a weapon in order to forcefully convert me. and while i still recall some rather amusing tidbits (such as Leviticus, often quoted as proof of God's condemnation of homosexuality, also condemns everything from tattoos to having contact with women while they are menstruating. or that as Elisha is on his way to Bethel, he's heckled by some "youths," so he prays and God sends a couple of bears out of the woods that maul and kill the jerks.), i still had no idea that there was a part of the Bible that contained a recipe for making bread, or that it tasted awful, and that it probably tasted awful because the recipe includes HUMAN FECES. you learn something new every day.
EzekielBread: Made with Human Feces