May 13, 2010

don't know any lullaby

in one of those "why do i even bother?" moods. as in when real life sucks so much and i don't have any real money to pay my real bills and am in real danger of being really fucked, why do i bother with shit like living in fantasy worlds and drawing fucking ridiculous comics that no one cares about but me? it's the same as this blog. why do i even do it? it's like pissing into the ethers or whatever. but i guess i already know the answer. it's all i've got right now. maybe all i've ever had. whether that's good or bad, sad or not, whether i like it or not, doesn't matter. it just is what it is.

anyway. mostly scripting right now which is kind of a challenge for me. but i am having a lot of fun playing with things, especially these two characters. here's Spike and Lynette when they were in some immediately post-apocalyptic military together where they first meet.

and about 5 seconds later, this happens:

and just for the record, yes, Spike is female.