May 12, 2010

can't get hard when you try to fight me

sad to hear about Frank Frazetta's passing. not an uber fan or anything, but his stuff was probably one of my earliest influences, on an artistic as well as personal level. his work meant a lot to me. while other male artists are drawing impossible pseudo-human exaggerations of women  poured into skimpy outfits no matter what the circumstances, Frazetta was drawing women with cellulite and jelly rolls that were still confident enough to sport pasties and loin cloths while they slayed monsters or went hunting with their saber tooth tigers.

this piece, in particular, had a very strong impact on a very young me. not only does it transport you to another place and time where the suspense is palatable, but the central figure, the woman, always haunted me. seeing how regal,celebrated, and yet vulnerable, she is in this painting made me think that maybe, just maybe, it might mean that i was a little bit pretty, too. i think that's the closest i ever came to feeling represented in any kind of positive light by any sort of art or media as a young teen, so thank you for that, Mr. Frazetta. <3