May 13, 2011

white soft rope

i've been really into rococo-style ladies lately. an idea i have for Dinogeddon is having different themed gangs, kinda like the Warriors or A Clockwork Orange or Surf Nazis Must Die, because i love that ridiculous stuff. maybe one gang would be a bunch of fancy ladies and fops in powdered wigs and stuff? hahaha

"Lovely Head" - Goldfrapp, youtube
probably my favorite Goldfrapp song.

"Heart Shaped Box" - Nirvana, youtube
love this video. so good.


ross said...

i want a Dinogeddon cheerleader gang or something. or a sea-faring gang that ride aquatic dinos like zeuglodon and plesiosaurs or whatever. i guess they'd need scuba gear, too.

Kaylie said...

omg, i love the aquatic dinosaur scuba diver gang idea! XD