May 20, 2011

a kiss with a fist

page 7

this shit is insane! really cool, though. Abstraction by Shintaro Kago

Dengue Fever - "Seeing Hands," youtube


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Kaylie said...

thanks, Nick!!!

ross said...

haha, the boobs, wow. XD

you gotta check out this other Shintaro Kago comic about blowjobs and different-shaped penises. there was another one i saw that i think was him, about a constipated girl and her quad amputee sister has to eat the maggot-ridden poop out of her ass.

you gotta read this great interview with him, too:
there's a link to the second part at the bottom. i like what he says about confines vs. creativity, and of course his sex/shit statement.