May 23, 2011


pretty much a verbatim transcript of an awkward encounter at a stupid family thing. i only slightly exaggerated his hideousness. his teeth were...hard to look at.

i guess i'm so used to bottling things up that sometimes i open up the floodgates at any given opportunity, even if it's just someone smiling vacantly and condescendingly at me whilst i pour out my heart to them, when they obviously couldn't give a shit and were just pretending that they did. oops.

Q Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses", youtube

unrelated, i've also come to realize (at length) that i become too easily attached/smitten with nice people, just because they are nice and make me feel that my existence is validated. just because someone is nice to me doesn't mean they care, at least in that way. they're just being nice.


Jenn said...

I find it hard to trust nice people. So many of the "nice" people I've encountered only do so to meet their own ends. I prefer "real" people, even if that means they're not nice sometimes.

I can't imagine how helpless you must feel. I wonder if you couldn't start a donation pool for them or something? Maybe some people that follow your art would be willing to donate?

Nick Marino said...

oh man that is hilarious