May 29, 2011

in your dreams

an image i had in my head all day...hopefully one day i will get to make it a finished piece.

Apna Desh musical scene, YouTube
Hum Kaale Hain To from Gumnaam, YouTube

listened to this really interesting story about a guy's quest for spiritual enlightenment that took him to india where he met what he was sure was the current incarnation of buddha, and through a bizarre series of events went from not believing in reincarnation at all to being confident that he had been the buddha's horse and been with him in thousands of lives, and came full circle on this journey of spiritual enlightenment. it made me wish something similar could happen to me. but i can't afford to go to india and study under a yogi, or cloister myself in the woods and write, or go to the desert and have peyote-induced spiritual journeys.

maybe the whole idea about finding your personal truth and reaching spiritual transcendence is that it happens in its own way, whenever the time is right. at least i hope.


Unknown said...

AWESOME! clean it up and color it!!!

Anonymous said...

PST....she has two right feet, i dont know if that matters she does have 6 arms.

Roger said...

Hey, I heard the same story but cannot find it anywhere. I thought it was the Moth Radio Hour, but it does not appear in their site. Any idea where you listened to it, and more importantly, where to find that story? Thanks!

Kaylie said...

hmm, sorry Roger, i can't remember the exact name of the show, but it was on NPR. it's a show that comes on around 3-4 pm EST on saturdays, that is just people telling interesting stories from their lives with a connecting theme. i often ended up listening to it on my way home from work.