May 6, 2011


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the Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love video, YouTube
it kinda weirds me out that the lead singer of the Darkness looks a bit like an ex of mine, haha.

i guess my parents' house is totally destroyed. all my childhood toys and my old diaries and shit are gone. kind of depressing.

so tired/bored with everything.
i need a vacation in the worst way.


Jenn said...

Wow, that sucks. I'm really sorry about that.

When my parents' house got foreclosed we basically had a couple of hours in a darkening evening to grab whatever we could. I got a few boxes of my childhood to fit in the car and I'm sure the rest was taken to the dump by the bank!

Kaylie said...

wow, that sucks a lot too, Jenn :( my mom said she did manage to save some things, and some stuff she rescued just to donate, because she didn't want it to go to waste, so i guess it's not that bad...just kinda saddening to see a chapter of your life erased kinda, you know? but fuck it, it's just stuff, really.

ross said...

aw, that's awful. :( i'm really sorry to hear about your parents' house. at least they're okay. where are they going to live now? how does that work?

hang in there, Kaylie.

Unknown said...

OH NO! I'm reading this so late... I'm sorry!!!!

Although I have to admit that I do the potential for hilarious reality show/sitcom if your parents move to Detroit to live with you.