April 25, 2011

wasted days

i recently watched Candy Man for the first time...actually, i remember renting it when i was a little kid, but i didn't understand what was going on in it and got bored and turned it off. so glad i gave it a second chance, i loved it.


samax said...


samax said...

I do a feature in my little magazine GhettoManga called "Movies that Should be comics" about how movie franchises could be expanded as comicbook or OGN series... usually an article with a mock comic cover and/or sequential page. I'd love for you to do a piece about Candyman. if you're interested, get at me at whatever(at)GhettoManga.com

no pressure though!

Kaylie said...

wow, that would be so cool, samax!! sounds like an awesome idea! :D

Nick Marino said...

AWESOME!! BTW, my "word verification" letters are "sehater"... mega coincidence!

ross said...

i keep getting errors on blogspot pages when i use my gmail account to comment, d'oh. then i have to wait for a while for the error to stop showing before trying again!

anyway, great sketch!! Candyman is awesome. don't bother with Candyman 2 and 3. XD.

Kaylie said...

yeah, i dunno why blogger/gmail is being so weird lately D: such a drag.

haha, i didn't even know there was a 2 or 3!