April 14, 2011


daily sketch, day 2. Unico!

this one was kind of a cop-out because it's such an easy character to draw, but i'm tired from work, and working out. -_- plus i really like Unico.

even though Unico is really sad. it even made me sad when i was a kid. i hated how Unico always had to leave his friends and get moved around by the West Wind so he wouldn't get killed.

also, Dame Darcy is probably one of my favorite artists now.

i so admire artists that have this certain kind of quality...it's hard for me to describe. like they focus so much less on stylistics and process are all about expression and conviction of a feeling or tone. does that make any sense? i don't know. i get so caught up in worrying if every little thing looks right, if my perspective is believable, if my composition is shit, that i often lose the joy of making art. i'm envious of people who don't seem to worry about any of that stuff at all, that seem to jot and scribble their ideas out with a passionate abandon, and it looks fucking amazing.


ヘザー said...

Oh Jesus, Unico. OXOXOX