April 23, 2011

wanna go for a ride?

i know i've been bad and not keeping up with the daily sketches. -_-;  work, blah, blah, tired, blah, working on website, blah, blah, blah. i have been sketching in my sketchbook more, but i'm just too damn lazy to use a scanner.

but...! good news is Dinogeddon is finally online!! :D i mean, it's already online, but, you know. it has its own little site now. ;)

one of my friends at work is an intuitive supposedly, and she read my cards the other day. i guess everything she said was pretty accurate. i need to work on some things. but she said i'm on "the right path," and pretty soon it'll start to pay off and good things will start coming my way. haha i hope so!

Smashing Pumpkins - "Zero" , YouTube


ross said...

AWESOME, Dinogeddon website!!!! so exciting. looks awesome.

you're the worst daily sketcher. ;)

ross said...

whoa, how do you get the donate button??

Kaylie said...

thanks! haha, yeah, i am the worst at daily sketches. i didn't think it would be that hard, i dunno how you do it XD

you can make one easy on your paypal account page. i think it's under something weird, like "merchant services." you just fill out a form then it gives you the html to plug into your site :)