April 13, 2011


daily sketch, day one. ninja turtle.

not really sure why i chose TMNT...i never really drew them before, so i thought i'd give it a shot.

i don't usually like drawing fan art, so i think for my first few daily sketches i'll try doing that, get out of my comfort zone and whatnot. i also don't like coloring so i'm gonna try to color them all too, but quickly. so it'll probably look like shit, but maybe after a few it will help me get better at coloring faster, haha.


ross said...

YEAH!!!!! looks awesome.

Nick Marino said...

LOVE IT! If you run out of ideas for daily sketches, draw some of the Super Haters PLSSSS!!!!!

Kaylie said...

haha i was totally gonna draw something for Super Haters!! you blew the surprise! ;)