April 12, 2011


page 5

maybe someday i'll get a proper website going, who knows. o_O

also check out this fan art from none other than Ross Campbell!

i really need to be drawing more. i was thinking of doing a daily sketch thing like i've seen a lot of other artists doing...would anybody be into that?


ross said...

FINALLY! RONNIE! looks awesome. i love all the dinosaurs and their color schemes.

one critique: i'm not too crazy about Ronnie's chin butting up against the panel border at the bottom... ;)

thanks for featuring my fanart! :) somehow it looks better here than it does on my blog. maybe it's the smaller size.

YES, daily sketches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Marino said...

the new page rules, the fan art rules, it all rules.

Kaylie said...

ross: thanks!! hmm, i see what you mean about the chin thing. live and learn. your fan art is awesome!! you should upload it to DA, even if just in your scraps, so i can add it to my Dinogeddon fan art favorites section on there. ;)

Nick: thanks, Nick!!! glad to hear you like it.