February 1, 2011

wax fruit

costume design, blah.

notes: Ronnie - i know all her outfits are pretty similar, but that's just how i imagine her dressing. i see her as being really lazy and having no shame. 
Fuss - probably the only real "fashionista" of the group. being brought up in an affluent family, i see her having elegant tastes and liking fashion, especially since she has the "model build," but she still steers toward stuff that has to do with racing and being fast, her real passion.
Jet - she was kinda tough for me, because Jet, deep down, is a sweet, naive giry-girl who likes animals and rainbows and stuff, but she desperately WANTS to be perceived as tough, so i tried to convey that a little through her style. i thought maybe she'd have some typical teenage clothes that she tries to "toughen up."
Lupe - one of the more challenging ones. i visualize Lupe being the girliest of the bunch, but at the same time, a post-apocalyptic environment kinda demands a certain practicality that makes skirts and other girly things seem out of place. so i tried to balance out Lupe's feminie tastes with the practical. i also thought since she's from the west it might be cool to put her in some western wear, like ponchos. i want to give her big 80's hair later on, but i'm not sure about these versions i drew here.
Shock - kinda punked out on Shock in the end. -_- i have some more ideas for her, but she's probably the biggest challenge for me right now. i see her as being pretty down-to-earth and tough. no-nonsense, but nice. i see her being a bit of a tomboy, but maybe she's still into fashion and stuff? i'm not sure. she's an ex-wrestler, so i was thinking maybe she could wear modified versions of her wrestling costumes?

got a daily deviation on deviantart today for my dinosaur laser battle drawing that spawned Dinogeddon. :D that's pretty exciting. i've always had a love-hate relationship with dA, but i'm really happy to finally get a DD like all my favorite artists on there. it also kinda made me realize the more visible you are, the more people will be dicks to you. i guess i just never thought of it before. but it's cool, i'm used to it in my everyday life, i just never really thought about it in terms of my art before. but i'd rather be visible and get hated on than be invisible.


Nick Marino said...

My votes:

Ronnie - 1, 2, 3

Fuss - 2

Jet - 2, 4

Lupe - 2

Shock - 1, 3

ross said...

all these outfits are awesome!!! i don't know if i can do number choices like Nick, i like them all. one thing i know is that i definitely like Ronnie without the scarf. and i like Fuss's #2 outfit but it would be cool to use the bike helmet with that one.

i love how different they all are.

what were the dick people saying to you on DA??? maybe i'll just go peruse the comments..

Kaylie said...

thanks, guys!

i deleted all the really mean ones because i'm crazy and i'll go back and read them a lot and let it make me feel bad if i leave them there, heheh. mostly it was just people saying i can't draw and it didn't deserve a DD, etc.

ross said...

aw, man! i wanted to read that stuff, your first trolls!!! well no, you had that one anonymous troll and those jerkbags on formspring or whatever that site is, but this is your first real batch of deviantart/art-related trolls!! you gotta wear it like a badge of honor! a souvenir, a keepsake!!!

on the other hand, deleting them does create a nice skewed reality for anyone else who reads the comments, now when they look at them they'll go "wow, everyone LOVES zombiebunny0! nobody had anything negative to say!" and extra bonus if that's a potential client/employer! :D

Kaylie said...

hahaha i didn't mean to create a skewed reality or whatever...it wasn't for anyone else's benefit, just mine, because i don't have as thick a skin as i guess i should have by now. i tend to fixate on the bad things people say instead of focusing on the good, no matter how much the good outweighs the bad, and that can lead me into this really bad emotional spiral, so i decided i'd better nip it in the bud this time before i let it get to me, while i'm still working on letting stuff roll off my back while at the same time being open and trying to learn from valid criticism. :)

ross said...

yeah, i know what you mean, i always tend to dwell on the negative stuff too. sometimes it's really hard to ignore or keep yourself from replying and getting into it with people and just making things worse. i try to remember (or at least tell myself, heh) that most of the people who leave non-constructive negative comments just want to make you feel bad, it probably isn't even about any issue they may have with your actual artwork.

i think this applies especially to the DD commenters, too, because it's all about accessibility: your picture is right there on the front page for them to click on, leaving a comment is 2 more clicks away, and it's a convenient thing for a jerkbag person to do to give themselves a quick chuckle or whatever. i don't think they really give a shit about the "quality" of the daily deviations that only stay up there for one day, and there's a reason why they're not the people who select them. or even earn them, i'm willing to bet almost 100% of the people who leave comments like that have never gotten a DD themselves. so yeah, then after that one naysayer comment you'll never hear from them again.

anyway, i'm not trying to make you feel bad for deleting the comments or whatever, i know it can definitely get stressful and damaging. i've gotten into short funks over mean comments before, heh.

know whack said...

So i didn't read everything you and others here commenting said but i cannot believe anyone on DA would tell you you didn't deserve that DD!! Considering how many awful, horrible DDs I see every day, and considering how fucking awesome your piece was!!! RRRG that makes me so mad.

and all of these costumes are great. sorry, i'm no big help, haha

Kaylie said...

heheh, aww, thank you, bb! ilu<3