February 22, 2011

time warp

this is from that time warp meme thing that was going around on DeviantArt for awhile...where you draw yourself and how you've evolved throughout your life...a few of my friends did it and i thought it looked like fun, but i forgot that i hate drawing myself, and it kinda ended up being a chore so...i don't think i'll ever finish it, so here ya go.

so obsessed with the new MLP: Friendship is Magic series lately, but i got nostalgic for the old MLP stuff.
My Little Pony: the Movie, part 2, YouTube
"i'll go it alooooooooone!" XD "NO! i don't need you! i don't need anybody!"
haha when i showed this to Rob he said "hmm, she kinda reminds me of SOMEONE." XD i guess that's why Lickety Split's one of my favorites; i love how angsty she is. i remember as a kid totally being like "yeah, Lickety Split, you run away!"

speaking of nostalgia....
TLC - "Creep" video, Youtube

Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa" video, YouTube
"Between the Sheets" is such a stone-cold groove<3

Busta Rhymes - "Gimme Some More" video, YouTube
god, i miss when videos were so crazy like this! i especially love the beginning.

Toni Braxton - "You're Makin' Me High" video, YouTube
this one's so funny. XD

cat suits are pretty weird.


Luke Maurits said...

Sorry it was a chore for you, but I really enjoyed your Time Warp sketch, thanks for posting it!

ross said...

whoa, 24-25 year old Kaylie is a diva with anime hair!!! O_O