February 26, 2011

love like poison

i got my first Dinogeddon fan art!!! O_O boy, that was quick! and it's totally awesome too! from the very talented Chad Sergesketter!

then my friend Erin made me this:

thanks, Chad!!! thanks, Erin!!!

i'm so happy with the support i've been getting for Dinogeddon so far, and i'm only two pages into it, haha.<3 and fan art is like the best thing ever, the ultimate love letter, i really appreciate it. i hope i get some more as the comic goes on. thanks everyone who's keeping up with the comic!


ross said...

i'm gonna do some Ronnie art, i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine won't be as good as Chad and Erin's, though. Chad really went to town on that dinosaur.

Kaylie said...

i know!!! so detailed.


nah, it's cool. are you sure you wanna do Ronnie? i figured you'd like one of the other characters more, like Fuss or somebody.