February 14, 2011

i know you want to be in my bed

i finally finished my first custom on my fakey Blythe today! it was a lot of work and it taught me a lot. here's what she looked like before i got my hands on her:

pretty awful, right? but here she is after, as of today.

 her name's Vickie Venom, or Vi for short,  and she's the lead singer/guitarist of her band, St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

she's not perfect, but i'm really happy with the way she came out. originally i had planned to give her an asymmetrical bob, but i kind of like her with the long hair, so it stays for now. i was also worried that maybe i carved her smile too wide and it would give her a creepy Cheshire cat sort of quality, but i think it looks all right, kind of mischievous. it was quite a headache working on her (my god, her EYES!), but i'm happy now. i like her.<3

my next project when i can afford it is to make a dark-skinned doll, which involves spray paint since the manufacturors of blythes and blythe knock-offs don't produce dolls of color, which is really bogus. but where there is a will, there is a way.


ross said...

WHEW, so glad that first pic wasn't the finished doll, haha. i didn't scroll down at first and your first paragraph is "i finally finished the custom!" me: "heh... it's... really... great, heh.... O_O"

anyway, she looks awesome!!! really great job.

i like how in your first paragraph you go "she's not perfect, but i'm really happy with the way she turned out." then in the last paragraph, "she's not perfect, but i'm really happy with the way she came out." so... i'm a little confused, but if i'm understanding you right, the doll isn't perfect but you're really happy how she came out, right? ;)

Kaylie said...

hahaha, i'm such a dink, i didn't even realize i wrote the same thing twice! XD d'oh!

thanks, glad you like her. :) she's not perfect, but i like how she turned out. ;)