February 17, 2011

waiting for some action

the first two pages of my crazy sex dream comic. i love bathrooms at clubs/bars that are covered in graffiti.

...i dunno, man. :|

fucked up my shoulder lifting weights i think...but at least it's not my drawing shoulder, ha.

Spring, stop teasing me, baby. come on. you know nobody can love you like i love you.

fffffffffffffffffffff, Automelodi<3
Automelodi - "Schema Corporeal" video, YouTube


samax said...

wow! Fabulous stuff...

Anonymous said...

Crazy sex dream? Do we have the same dreams?

Workshop 13 said...

awesome! Kinda strange to start a sex dream in a dirty ass bar bathroom, but then again it does have graffiti which makes it better!

Kaylie said...

heheh i don't think the bathroom was this filthy in my dream, but it just seemed appropriate. plus drawing clean stuff is boring.

and it's about to get way weirder. XD

Stephanie said...