September 3, 2010

chemicals between us

omg i got my new tablet FINALLY and it rocksss YESSSSSSSSS so excited!!! it's the best tablet ever (or the best one i've ever had, anyway!)! super excited to draw shit and work on my comic again!! though i do want to keep drawing in my sketchbook; it's fun.


i hate thinking someone is genuinely interested in me and my hobbies and interests, but really they're only interested in my orifices. i'm so bad at figuring it out sometimes. 

i'm thinking about getting a vaginal piercing, heheh.


ross said...

hehheh orifices

ross said...

oh yeah, love that girl at the top! she looks great in color.

Nick Marino said...

i gotta place a vote for the one on... the bottom! BOOYAH!