September 1, 2010

i have looked into the maw of the abyss

back from FanExpo! it was quite an experience. the first day was an absolute nightmare; i had gotten next to no sleep on my bus, and my one friend who was driving us to Toronto had gotten like no sleep, and our other two friends who drove in from Pittsburgh had to leave at like 5 am so of course everybody was super tired. then we got held up at the border getting in and that freaked me out. then we got lost forever in Toronto trying to find our hotel and a place to park the car, and when we finally did make it to the convention center it was really late, and i got like the worst migraine i ever had.  so painful. i ended up getting sick right in the doorway as we were rushing to make it into the room, which was really embarrassing at the time, but now that i look back on it it was pretty funny. it's really humbling to have your mentor/one of your favorite people that you just met for the first time helping you clean up your vomit, heh.

but the rest of the night went good. after i threw up and took some headache medicine, i felt sooo much better, and everyone else ordered room service, and we watched mixed martial arts fighting on tv, then sat up watching Fear as late as i could with Ross, and it was such a funny movie, wow. gotta rent it. anyway, the rest of the trip was pretty good too. i think we all felt like champs for having made it through that first day. XD

i had a really good time hanging out with Nick and Justique at the Audioshocker table, i'm glad they let me invade their space like that. i finally started trying to come out of my shell a bit and mix it up and talk with people at the con and  stuff, and i met so many incredibly talented and nice people! it really touched me. it might sound sappy or whatever, but as much crap as it is to struggle and get to cons and you may have to put up with some bad stuff, it was totally worth it to me to just be around these kinds of people, to feel their energy and know that they get it. that we all have similar goals in creativity and self expression and being passionate about something other people might not understand. again, i probably sound totally gooey, but for maybe the first time in my life i was sure i was on the right track and doing the right thing by me. i was sure this is where i belong. it was definitely a significant experience for me, and i'm really grateful to my friends who made it possible, and whose friendship has inspired me to put my all into my projects the way that they do.

also my mom called me today and i told her all about the con and how it went and how it made me feel, and i was surprised because she was actually really pleased and happy for me and supportive. i kinda wasn't expecting that reaction at all, so it was nice.

but yeah. back to drawing!


Sophie said...

i'm glad the trip was worth it despite the stupid obstacles. i can't wait for your Fear post after you see the ending! ;)