September 30, 2010

red death

forgot to post it here, but there's an interview with me by Suri Suicide up on as part of a thing they're doing to showcase artists within the SG community. it's my first interview for anything, so that's pretty cool.

i'm really fucking sick right now and can't sleep. my head feels so weird. in a painful kinda way. i'm kinda pissed at my immune system for letting me down.

and my house has been overtaken by fruit flies somehow, and i fucking hate them and am sick of them, so i've declared war on them. we'll see how it goes.


Sophie said...

sorry you're sick!!! i'm sick too but yours sounds worse.

i had a crazy fruit fly infestation once, and what i did was get fly paper, lay it out on the counter, and put a succulent mixture of jelly and orange juice in the middle. the flies show up and get stuck, the end. i also found that using two magazines to kill the stragglers worked well, because they're so hard to get with your hands.

i still get a few here and there sometimes but it's much better now that i put my fruit peels and stuff in a garbage bag in the refrigerator rather than the trash can.